Local Amenities

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Local Amenities

6 Mile Garage
Stone Street, CT4 6DF
Turn right and at the top of the road you will see the 6 Mile Garage which as well as fuel and servicing / repairs offers a range of basic shopping, sandwiches, drinks etc typical of a small garage

Stelling Minnis Stores & Post Office
Minnis Lane, Stelling Minnis, CT4 6AS
200 yards past Stelling Minnis stores - good food and drink in a village pub. 20 minute cycle ride on back roads
Tel: 01227 709265
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stellingminnis/

Lower Hardres Farm Shop
Lower Hardres, Canterbury, CT4 5NU
A charming farm shop 8-10 minute drive along Stone Street towards Canterbury. Turn right at the Granville Pub and it is about 400 yards up on the left.
Tel: 01227 700 947
Website: https://www.lowerhardresfarmshop.co.uk

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